Building Stone—Applied as wall decorative materials in high-level
     buildings, such as hotels, office buildings, villas, etc.

     As wall decorative materials,stones are distinguished for their hardness,
     durability and elegance. Nowadays , they are more and more familiar to
     and accepted by the society, and have been widely utilized in high-level
     buildings and villas . Stones beautify your places into a masterpiece  of
     nature and generate elegance and nobility.
   Landscaping—Applied in parks ,  squares ,  gardens ,  etc.

     Stones are bestowed with spiritualism  by ingenious  design . Multiform
     stones  form  beautiful   urban  scenery  and   become  the  carrier  and
     disseminators of urban culture.
   Carving Stone —Applied to urban sculpture, artwork, monument,

     As  preferable  material  for  carving , stones have  been reputed for  its
     durability and  adaptability. Stones' beauty and  natural character make  
     themselves a perfect  choice  for  sculptors  , and  , therefore , massive
     stone sculptures have been made  to carry the history  of   the human's
     development and  overlook into the future.
   Home Stone—Applied    to  countertops  ,   vanities  ,  fireplaces,
     staircases ,shower bases, pool, spa surrounds, etc.

     Stones   are  largely   used   in   kitchens   and  bathrooms  ,  including
     countertops,vanities , fireplaces , staircases , shower bases , pool , spa
     surrounds,etc.Stones count more dramatically in home decoration along
     with  social  progress  and  living  standard  enhancement  . Marble  and
     granite are unparalleled in their  natural beauty.They beautify your house
     and  add value to your home.
   Gravestone—Applied in graveyards and cemeteries.

     As  an  architectural  art , the  gravestone  reflects  various  social  and
     national cultures.It also honors the life of your loved ones in customized
     architectural styles.
   Massage stone—Applied in spa , salons , massage rooms , and
     yoga centers.

     For over  5000 years  stones have  been used  for healing and massage
     facilities such as the spa , salons , massage rooms ,  and yoga centers.